Wanted Master Blender for a leading liquor Company (Pref Foreigner)

REPORTING TO: Product Development Director of the group

This PDD reports to the SVP Brands, who in turn reports to the CEO


The company  has a reputation for quality to defend across the world. The constant quest

for consistency of quality is the work of the Master Blender and the main concern of the Brand. This position of Master Blender will evolve with the brand.



The Master Blender is a senior expert and works in very close collaboration with a team of

colleagues; mainly in the Spirits Category (Brands), Product Development and Sourcing (Supply

Chain); as well as in close contact with cognac houses and local growers. He/She is ultimately in

charge of the composition and blending and should care for the cognac as his/her own, although

giving understanding that the Master Blender is part of a bigger picture and a corporate setting with

common objectives.

He/She chooses which eaux‐de‐vie of different ages and from different crus are to be subtly blended

together and combined to make a particular Cognac. An important objective is to maintain

consistency over time. A typical blend might be composed of eaux de vie whose taste and price will

vary over time. Consequently, it is sometimes necessary to replace Cognac that goes into the blend.

He/She should also be responsible for the cost of the cognac (The Brand stream is in charge of the

P/L). Other responsibilities include checking the maturation of spirits.

Like the “master nose” and his perfumes, the Cognac Master Blender, rigorously, with experience

and intuition, strives to achieve consistency in his/her blends and loyalty among the followers of the


The Master Blender has close contacts with cognac houses and local growers. He/she selects and

gives expert input to the sourcing department regarding purchases of eaux‐de‐vie from the

wine houses and growers and oversees them throughout the ageing process; monitoring their ageing,

tastes them regularly, and decides whether it is time to change them from one oak cask or from a

chai – ageing warehouse – to another so they become rounder or dryer. It is also the Master Blender

who progressively adds distilled or demineralised water to the eau‐de‐vie in order to slowly reach the

desired alcohol content for its release into the market.

This task requires an extensive experience and allows each Master Blender to fine‐tune the product’s

quality. By creating a blend of the various eaux‐de‐vie, combining different ages and different crus,

the Master Blender creates genuine harmonies, the blends that make up the signature of each brand.

It cannot be stressed enough how essential the human factor is in the quality of a bottle  .




 Company Product Development Department

 Category Brands Spirits

 Sourcing (Supply Chain)

 Merlet, bottling partner

 Production planning



= Local growers



 Must is to have a great sensory skills.

 To be capable to generate a variety of exciting blends and to produce new ideas

 For the candidate, blending is either a natural talent or a skill acquired through training


 Strong negotiation and communication skills

 A good team player

 Fluent in English

 Open minded

 A good presenter; ability to train the company personnel, customers and other visitors

 International

 Focused on quality

 Business minded and pragmatic; understanding of the cost‐quality‐profitability equation

 Hands on

 Existing contacts/ network with wine growers and cognac houses is a benefit

 General understanding of pricing processes

 Oenological training (or degree)

 Able to travel as required


The candidate might have a complete range of experience, varying from grown up in the Cognac

industry to people who have a more technical/oenological background. He/She would have internal

experience from a leading Cognac houses; given excellent insight when developing new blends.

He/She should possess 10 ‐ 15 years experience of   blending in an international brands

development structure in a environment. The right candidate would possess solid

experience of world‐class blending, a very quality/cost driven mindset, would be aware of

innovations in technology, and be able to develop the blending and maturation process.

send resume  lionsahoo@gmail.com

Salary : To be discussed