Senior Software Engineers 3-6 yrs Exp in Web Technologies pref Medical Domain @ Chennai


Experience:                      3 to 6 years

Qualification:                            Professional Degree

Place of Work     :           Chennai

Expertise in technology :          Linux with Oracle, perl/modperl, and Apache, with plenty of Web 2.0


We’re looking for a Senior Software engineers with a proven track record of achieving success by meeting the technical challenges of their company’s business goals. The software development team provides the glue that holds together the many disparate systems for creating and maintaining the connectivity for claim submission, processing, eligibility check, and conducting electronic status inquiries in addition to the core development of the user interfaces for our web site .

The development team here is among the best you’d find at any company. The working environment is friendly and open. The folks that you will be working with are top-notch, and will probably be some of the best and brightest folks you’ve ever worked with. In terms of the technology platform– you’ll likely be working on Linux with Oracle, perl/modperl, and Apache, with plenty of Web 2.0 techniques thrown into the mix. But that’s not why you’d be coming here; if you are a developer who has the openness and exposure to technologies and believe in the idea that a “programming language” is only the means to achieve an end result and the actual journey of engineering the solution is more rewarding and exciting, you would fit right in our teams. Our philosophy always has been to pick people with any technology background who are willing to explore new technologies and love to handle programming challenges and not the people who are afraid to come out of their small world which revolves around one language. We believe any hacker worth his/her salt can pick up the technologies we use, with the right kind of support provided, in a matter of a couple of months.

Our opening for a Senior Software Engineer is the one which requires a successful candidate in achieving / meeting the technical challenges of our company’s business goals. You would be required to understand and communicate the business requirements and project statuses to the stakeholders. You are expected as a Senior

Software engineer to be proficient in data manipulation and writing complex queries apart from checking the codes of other developers to make sure the company coding conventions are followed.

The incumbent will be working with a wider set of modules and files and hence should be able to own some modules as a whole, perform work of high difficulty, provide automation techniques and design project specifications for the programmer / software engineers. The ability to prioritize and resolve issues professionally is much appreciated.