Chief Executive Officer for a Leading Hotel In Mumbai


Qualification : Management Graduate with Hotel Degree

Location : Mumbai

Linguistic skills in Marathi and/or Gujarati is a must

Experience : 20 – 25 years of experience in the hotel industry

Job role :

Preeminent hospitality professional with proven ability to direct the operations of a leading hotel chain. Reports to the Chairman on the performance of General Manager, subordinate directors and operations managers. Participates in planning, developing and implementing the company’s policies and goals. Participates in selecting key personnel for the business. Promotes the company’s products and services in order to capture greater market share or to develop new markets, and obtain and/or maintain competitive position in industry. Assists in analyzing division or department budget requests to identify areas in which cost savings can be achieved. Directs changes in operating policy, procedures, programs or new directions. Directly involved in company’s overall business development i.e. branding and image building, upcoming projects supervision, quality assurance, training, marketing etc., requires an in-depth knowledge of the hotel business, of strategic planning, goal definition, and high volume sales and marketing techniques. Requires knowledge and understanding of core areas of the business to include finance, operations, business development and human resources.

Salary : Depends upon the Experience


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