DB2 UDB :Bangalore,Chennai, Noida

Database fundamentals (architecture, Threads/process, Instance, Database, tables, row, Table space, Containers, SMS, DMS)
New features in the available DB2 UDB edition ( e.g. New features in V9, V9.5, V9.7, V9.8)
Automatic Storage setup,Table partitioning,STMM ( How to enable and disable, how to see if it’s working fine),Automatic database maintenance,SQL and Q Replication concepts,HADR setup and it’s monitoring
Backup and recovery at advanced level( recovering dropped table, rebuilding a database, cross node recovery),Database partitioning feature and how to implement,HACMP,Configuring TSM for a database
Configure database for archival logging,Incremental backup and restore,Database upgrade/migration
Install Fix pack and rollback in minimum time,Enable Deep Compression,Offline and online reorg recovery from a database failure,Work with PMR support on critical issues,Advance locking concepts ( resolve locks and deadlocks, should be able to suggest methods to resolve deadlocks),Query Tuning
Scripting,Federation setup,Diagnosing and trouble-shooting concepts,Database Housekeeping Activity.

Relevant Experience  : 5 +yrs

Total Yrs of Experience : 5 +yrs

Location : Chennai

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