Tea Taster , Madhurai , Tamil Nadu India

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One of client client from Madhurai, South India is looking for a TEA TASTER  , who have 4-6 yrs of experience in this field.

Salary : Open

Job Description :

Taste tea , identify the difference between teas and give opinions about the various methods in which tea can be brewed in order to achieve a particular taste.
·          Should know about the cultivation and Manufacturing processes in tea.

·          Stay up to date about the current trends in international tea market.

·          Coordinate with gardeners, importers, exporters and researchers in the Tea Business.

·          Reduce the costing by cost effective Blending without changing the master recipe.

·          Ensuring that the tea leaf brings the right color as well as strength into the tea.

·          Play a role in determining the purity as well as quality of tea. Check new samples with the master sample.

·          Check the leaves, their size, color, and shape, level of dryness and so on in order to identify and determine the longetivity of the product.

·          Provide input on the varieties of tea available in the market (flavored tea like vanilla, cinnamon, lemon, strawberry, green tea, organic tea, herbal tea and so on) and different methods of preparing tea.

·          Provide important guidelines on the branding as well as marketing of the product.

·          Be involved and contribute to the negotiation process with Tea Suppliers

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