Financial Controller

Qualification : CA . MBA

Location : Dubai , Chennai , Mumbai

Responsible for the daily operations for the Finance department and preparation of required financial statements.

*To ensure the smooth functioning of the entire department under the control of the finance as projected in the organization chart and carry out their functions.

*Maintain on a daily basis all hotel accounting records in strict accordance with the uniform system of accounting in practice, or in accordance with the adjusted system of accounting that may have been modified to suit local needs.

*To provide on a continuous basis accounting and financial data to carry out financial analysis of operations and assist management to take corrective actions wherever necessary

*Responsible for implementing the credit policy decisions of the company and maintaining city ledger records.

To make constant efforts to reduce the outstanding accounts by checking these accounts regularly and initiating action for their settlements.

*Prepare monthly forecasts on sales, cost and payroll where applicable.

*To assist in preparing annual Financial budget and submit them to the management

*Ensure that a periodic inventory of the capital equipments is carried out and records updated.

* To appraise the performance of the subordinates.