Head of Lending/Business Development Manager – Banking

Business Development Manager :Head of Lending for a oldest  Bank in Kabul.

Qualification : MBA is must with 10 to 15 yrs experience in any leading private or Govn Bank

Salary :Salary would be USD 120,000 per annum and performance bonus , retention bonus, 5 times traveling to India  and insurance benefit.


 Reports to:                                                                     

– Chief Executive Officer

Overall Job Purpose:

  1. To assist in developing a lending strategy for the business development of the Bank.
  2. Responsible for driving the business strategy
  3. Responsible for relationship management with the bank’s borrowing client base
  4. Responsible for the day to day functioning within the lending departments: the procedures and control.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Maintain existing client relationships and ensuring that clients are fully serviced.
  2. Establish contact with potential clients (firms) within the banks’ target market
  3. Market the full range of banking products to all existing and potential clients.
  4. Identifies opportunities to develop markets and product range in order to comply with client needs
  5. Maintain and update all procedures related to the activities of the client management
  6. Supervises departmental administrative procedures and systems.
  7. Monitors the handling and approval process of credit applications.
  8. Preparation of  credit application and credit facility documentation                               b. Preparation and approval of credit transactions                                                            c. Monitoring credit repayments and interest settlements
  9. Ensures that Credit Committee guidelines concerning administrative handling of   specific transactions and credit facilities are implemented.
  10.  Represents the bank at the highest level at Meetings, Seminars, Forums, etc.

Qualifications and Experience

 Outstanding lending experience of 10 to 15 years

• Project and credit analysis and lending experience

• Excellent knowledge of commercial lending products

• Strong marketing sales and sales force management skills

• Strong leadership and managerial skills

  • Ability to work across cultures
  • Experience in developing economies will be an advantage

Appropriate masters degree or equivalent qualification

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