Qualification : BE/B.Tech

Experience 8 + yrs

Surveys marine vessels and watercraft, such as ships, boats, tankers, and dredges, to ascertain condition of hull, machinery, equipment, and equipage, and to determine repairs required for vessel to meet requirements for insuring: Examines underwater section of hull while ship is drydocked to ascertain conditions that indicate repairs are required.

  • 2) Takes readings on tailshaft and tailshaft bearings.
  • 3) Inspects condition of propellers, rudders, and sea valves.
  • 4) Inspects above waterline section of ship, such as hatchways, freeing ports, ventilators, bulkheads, fittings, and attachments, for compliance with operating standards, and compliance with standards for protection of crew.
  • 5) Observes operating tests on machinery and equipment and inspects opened up machinery for interior condition.
  • 6) Observes testing of cargo gear for compliance with testing standards and issues or endorses certificate for gear tested.
  • 7) Prepares reports on types of surveys conducted, recommended actions and repairs, or conditions remedied.

8) Submits report to client.