Process Trainer

Location : Trichy , Tamil Nadu


  • Department: Service Excellence

 Job Overview:

The job role entails Delivering performance based new hire induction Training for a leading Telecom service provider, on existing content and delivery methodologies post internal and client certification.

Duties and Responsibilities:

 Implement training programs and courses to fulfill learning objectives. Deliver courses using various methods including but not limited to classroom or small group facilitation, individual coaching and self-guided learning.

Analyze employee performance through interviews, focus groups, observation and work product analysis. Recommend training programs, job aids and other performance improvement interventions based on assessment results.


  1. Design and develop training courses to be delivered using a variety of media. Prepare learning objectives, identify instructional strategies, plan evaluation methods, and propose training timelines for internal client approval. Produce collateral materials using internal resources.

Keep information and courses up-to-date in a rapidly changing environment.

Conduct necessary course evaluations as designed.

Participate in department decision-making processes and stay abreast of department activities and goals.

Learn new concepts and methods to apply to personal job performance and organizational goals.

Perform other tasks as required to meet department goals.

Job qualifications:

Excellent written and oral communication skills required.

  1. Experience in sales, customer service and/or collections preferred.
  2. Flexibility to work during inconsistent shift periods required.
  3. Computer skills, including Microsoft Office software preferred.
  4. One year of training experience, including curriculum design preferred.
  5. University degree preferred.
  6. Personal transportation a plus.

Job competencies:

 Communication – Expressing thoughts – verbally, in writing, and graphically — in clear, organized fashion according to audience’s characteristics and needs. Applying active listening skills of attending, acknowledging and summarizing to facilitate understanding.

Technical/Professional Knowledge – Having broad and deep understanding of call center operations and/or employee development principles and methods.

Learning Facilitation – Conducting structured learning experiences with individuals or groups using communication skills, visual aids and environmental capabilities.

Motivational Fit – Many opportunities for independence, complexity, creativity and high involvement as a member. Few or no opportunities for commission compensation, formal recognition, and routine.

Analysis/Problem Assessment – Securing relevant information through multiple methods and various sources to determine key issues, make comparisons, and identify causal relationships.

Information Monitoring – Collecting information from division resources for dissemination to clients and customers through a variety of methods.

Customer Service Orientation – Actively and consistently seeking, understanding and meeting clients’ and customers’ expectations.

Teamwork/Collaboration – Working effectively — through respectful communication, creative tension, and consensus building — with people within and external to formal lines of authority to accomplish team and organizational objectives.

Practical Learning – Seeking, assimilating and applying new information to improve personal job performance.

Planning and Organizing/Work Management – Establishing a course of action that utilizes department resources and accommodates client and customer requirements to accomplish team and organizational objectives.

Innovation – Generating creative, novel methods and solutions to learning experiences, communications and organizational challenges.