Software Quality Assurance WITH H1B FOR WASHINGHTON DC

Preferred Skills and Experience –

Candidates must demonstrate skills and experience commensurate with the Experience Level Requested (expert min 8 plus years’ experience). Candidates with additional applicable experience skills will be scored higher.

Contractor staff proposed must have Expert (8 years) experience skills and experience as follows:

Full understanding of testing processes & procedures and willingness to work within the Purchaser’s configuration management process.

  • Development of artifacts used in testing /evaluation of information systems and tool sets used tovalidate full functionality of the system as well as interoperability with databases and both horizontaland vertical integration with other interfaced systems in accordance with ISO or industry standard bestpractices.
  • Artifacts generated and used by vendors should include but are not limited to Standard Software Test

Plans (STP), Standard Software Test Descriptions (STD) and Standard Software Test Reports (STR).

  • Conduct of Load, Functional/ Regression and Conformance testing of information systems.
  • Ensuring data accuracy via queries and other methods.
  • Providing guidance and mentoring to State staff on proper testing procedures.

In addition, prefers Contractor staff also have the following skills and experience:

  • Thorough understanding of Extraction, Transform and Load (ETL) processes
  • Strong understanding of the logical database design process, data modeling, data-mart design
  • Comfortable with business intelligence tools used in delivering corporate intelligence to decision makers
  • Good understanding of data warehousing terminology and L&I’s data being analyzed by the business
  • Knowledge of SQL / Databases / Servers
  • Data analysis