Wanted project Manager for Washiton DC , US-US ot with Valid H1b


Nationality Indian/Any

VISA : VALID   H1B Holder /Green Card Holder (MUST)

Experience : 15 + yrs

Duration : Min 1 Yrs

Salary : Open

1.1. ( ) Project Management Certification

Client  is interested in a Project Manager who possesses a Project Management certification(s). Vendors may achieve additional points, as indicated in this section for a Project Manager with such certification. Please submit a copy of the Proposed Project Managers certification which shall include but not be limited to: date of issuance, date of expiration, to whom issued. All Project Management certification types will be accepted, (i.e. Project Management Certificate from an accredited College or University, or a certificate from an organization such as PMI, APMC, PMP, CompTIA Project+, CAPM, etc.).
1.2. (M) Language Fluency

Proposed Project Manager must be fluent in spoken and written English.
1.3. (M) Project Director Experience

The proposed Project Director must have five (5) years or more of related experience managing large, complex, highly visible projects. Please provide examples of working, identifying the candidate’s role and activities managed which specifically relate to this requirement.
1.4. (MS, 150) Resume

Please provide a resume for the Proposed Project Director which identifies all of the following:
1.4.1. Name of proposed Project Director;
1.4.2. Chronological list of work experience which directly corresponds to the scope of work required in this RFQQ;
1.4.3. Education.
1.5. (MS, 100) Project Management Approach and Methodology

Client requires a formal approach to information technology project management. Please describe the Proposed Project Manager’s skills, experience (citing specific examples), and approach to each of the following:
1.5.1. Scope Management; including scope planning, definition, verification, and WBS creation;
1.5.2. Integration Management, including Project Plan development and execution;
1.5.3. Cost Management, including resource planning, budgeting, estimating, and cost control;
1.5.4. Change Management;
1.5.5. Risk Management, including risk identification, analysis, mitigation, monitoring and control;
1.5.6. System Testing and Implementation Management;
1.5.7. Project Human Resource Management, including building, developing, managing, and communicating with teams in a large Information Technology Project;
1.5.8. Quality Management and control including both of the following:

· Managing Quality planning, control, and assurance for a major IT system integration project; ESD has retained an independent Quality Assurance (QA) contractor for this project; please explain any experience working with an independent QA contractor;
1.5.9. Stakeholder Management

NGTS is being developed within a political environment with Legislative and Executive oversight. All companies doing business in Washington State will be impacted by the completed project. Please describe the proposed Project Manager’s skills and experience in:

· Stakeholder identification and management;

· Management of a large, complex IT project in a government environment;

· Performance Reporting.
1.6. (MS, 150) Professional References

Vendor must include professional references for submitted candidates. A minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) of the proposed candidate’s corporate and/or government customers must submit completed reference forms (see Appendix E) directly to the RFQQ Coordinator by the deadline set forth in the Schedule (Section 2).

The Project Management Services purchased by these customers must be similar in size, scope and complexity, to those requested by this RFQQ. References indicating substantial experience with complex, high-value, multi-year software integration and system migration projects are of greatest relevance. Each reference must have utilized the Project Management Services of the proposed Project Director in the past five (5) years. At least one (1) reference should be from a government organization.

References for persons other than the Project Director proposed will not be considered.

References must not be from a person, company or organization with any special interest, financial or otherwise, in the Vendor.

Vendor is responsible for ensuring that customers submit their reference information directly to the RFQQ Coordinator by the time and date specified in the Schedule (Section 2). Vendor must select customers who will submit their references in a timely manner to the RFQQ Coordinator.

Vendor must also list the Professional References in their response. Please provide the name of the organization, contact person, associated project, address, phone number, facsimile number and e-mail address. The references will be contacted by the customer to verify the skills and abilities of the proposed project manager.
1.7. (MS, 400) Panel Interviews

The top two (2) ranked candidates will form an unranked pool and will be recommended for management interview.
1.8. Management Interviews

Management will conduct the interview and will make the final selection.
SEND PROFILE TO lionsahoo@outlook,com