Chief Credit Officer (Banking)

Hiring for Chief Credit Officer (Indian National only )
Location : To be Discussed
Salary : 7000+ USD per Month + expatriate Benefits
Education : MBA + PHD in Finance
Experience :; 15 + Yrs in Banking Industry ONLY  ( No BPO ,No Insurance ), Must have experience in Credit Department more than 10 yrs,

The CCO will assist in developing a commercial strategy and mid-term planning for the business development of the Bank. Besides, he is responsible for executing the business strategy based on the mid-term planning and for relationship management with the Bank’s Corporate & SME client base within the target market.

Key Responsibilities
1. Maintains existing client relationships and ensuring that clients are fully serviced.
2. Establishes contact with potential clients (firms) within the branch’s target market with a view to expand the client base.
3. Markets the full range of banking products to all existing and potential clients.
4. Identifies opportunities to develop market and structure the product range in order to comply with the needs of current and potential clients.
5. Supervise and Co-ordinate all activities of Credit department.
6. Maintains and updates all procedures related to the activities of the account management and securing approval by operations management.
7. Supervises departmental administrative procedures and systems.
8. Allocates new credit clients to respective units.
9. Monitors the handling and approval process of credit applications.
10. Manages all activities of employees in Credit Dept and monitoring their performance, coaching the execution of the following tasks:
a. Preparing credit application and credit facility documentation.
b. Preparing and approval of credit transactions.
c. Checking credit repayments and interest settlements.
d. Monitoring exceptions reports, through proper Credit Administration. e. Ensures the preparation of overdraft tickets/approval of limits.
f. Ensuring that customer queries and customer advising are handled efficiently and professionally.
11. Ensures that Credit Committee guidelines concerning administrative handling of specific transactions and credit facilities are implemented.
12. Other job-related tasks as assigned by the management.

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