Inventory Controller : Kuwait

Inventory Controller

Job Description

  • Creates and Maintains standard policies and procedures for Inventory. Construct workflows based on the standard policies and procedures.
  •  Audit and archive all documents of inventory cycle from Purchase order until delivery order.
  • Forecast & maintain inventory levels through SAGE Software. Maintain hardcopy as and when needed. Ensure regular data entry by staff so as the inventory levels are updated on a regular and timely basis.
  • Maintain up to date real time stock.
  • Ensure proper store key handover and periodic stock take.
  • Oversees disposal of surplus material or scrap products.
  • Set a priority list by researching about the fast moving items close to packing and delivery areas which will reduce the delivery times and improved customer satisfaction. (by ABC method or so)
  • Ensuring proper Gate Control (In and out) across all locations
  • Updating & monitoring costs and pricing
  • Maintain minimum stock and manage re-orders
  • Asset List creation (Maintain an Asset list of All office equipment, furniture, vehicles) accounts and Budgeting
  • Collaborate with sales department on distribution policy and daily distribution schedules including and optimize usage of vehicles.
  • Working with IT on Security cameras tracking & Camera Backup
  • Map different stores in such a way it ensures optimum staff and warehouse space utilization.

Implement operational process and policy for disposal of scrap/waste

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