Product Manager (Product Manager- Consumer/ Corporate WellBeing B2C and B2B)

Experience : 6- 7 yrs
Location : Bangalore
Salary : 18 Lacs+ (Annum)

No of Position : 2  (B2B and B2C)

As Product Manager, these roles would be responsible for achieving all business objectives of the Company from the Consumer Wellbeing (B2C)/ Corporate Wellbeing(B2B) business units – s/he will be responsible to achieve business goals and targets of the company from new and existing services and targeted directly to the end customer. This person would be the custodian of the Consumer Wellbeing (B2C) business unit of the company and would carry complete responsibility and accountability for the growth and success of the business. Some of The key responsibilities of a person in this role would be: • Identify new and potential services and revenue streams offered through the Mobile app – the company’s central platform for continuous engagement with the customer. These could include coaching services, consulting services, sale of products and monitoring devices • Conduct customer and market surveys and research to get customer insights, understand customer needs and desires for better opportunity assessments and to create a strong product-market fit

ABOUT THE CLIENT: The client which is a Wellness & Technology company. They are an innovative company with a vision to offer personal health care continuum through availing technologies and providing reliable, accessible, cost effective and time efficient (TRACT) health information and suggestions to their customers.
Contact : /9445122021