Head of Treasury

Location: Afghanistan

Salary: 5000 USD to 6000 USD 

Time Required: Immediate

Qualification: Master Degree MBA Must

Experience : 10 to 15 yrs in any lading PSU/ Limited Bank

Age : less than 45

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Assisting in meeting the bank’s cash requirements on a day-to-day basis
  2. Analyzing and anticipating the bank’s need for cash to ensure that adequate funds are available when needed
  3. Prepares plans for the provision of such funds and makes recommendations concerning the sources of such funds
  4. Establishing and maintaining systems and procedures for monitoring the banks daily inflow and outflow of cash.
  1. Assisting in managing the bank’s relationship with local and overseas banks and other financial institutions.
  1. Establishing and maintaining efficient banking arrangements necessary for the management of bank balances and other funds.
  1. Determining the bank’s overdraft and uncleared effects needs and securing same from through banking relationships.

III. Pricing of the banks products and services (investments, currencies, etc).

  1. External monitoring of prices available on banking products and services.
  2. Pricing banking products and services on a day-to-day basis and making same available to general staff.

Assisting in carrying out the bank’s settlements function.
1. Tracking available balanced in the bank’s current accounts and ensuring availability to meet drawings
2. Monitoring items being lodged to current accounts and making arrangements to ensure bank receives value in shortest possible time
3. Approving all wires and immediate debits to the bank’s current accounts.

  1. Hedging against risk positions
    1. Monitoring position balances
    2. Identifying and establishing hedge positions to mitigate against risk positions
  2. Placing surplus funds with other local/foreign correspondent banks.
  3. Preparing assigned reports
    1. Gap reports and sensitivity analysis, Cash flow reports, etc.

VII.  Department Heads are not permitted to accomplish changes or perform a task which is excluded his daily activities that could embrace a minimum possibility of risk percentage to the bank in this case department heads must take approval of Chief Executive Officer or related committee.

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