Training Manager (Academy Manager) Exp in Commodities and Online Training

*Academy Manager*

*Experience Trainer  stock-exchange and online trading experience.

*Qualification : Degree /MBA*

Industry : Finance Trading (in online forex)  / Banking

*Experience : 10-15 yrs as Banking Faculty ,Experience Forex and Trading”

_Salary : 4000 USD to 5000 USD + Food + Accommodation+ Transport _

The Academy Manager will be responsible for design and management of the Academy’s training curriculums, administration, marketing and financials. This role includes the visionary development of a high-class training and development facility capable of delivering multi-faceted training, learning and development experiences


  1. Set the vision, manage the design and build process, and complete the Academy according to the best international specifications. Vision and design shall be aligned with the Company’s culture, values and leadership imperatives.
  2. Oversee the Academy’s short and long range vision, organizational goals, policies, and operating procedures.
  3. Design and execution of a structured technical curriculum with a focus on online trade in Forex.
  4. Design and deliver training and development programs and objectives.
  5. Identify and recommend new training equipment based on target-groups learning needs assessments.
  6. Nurture, coach, develop and grow academic staff for the Academy’s future requirements.
  7. Work with senior management to increase efficiencies and consistency throughout the Academy by developing and implementing standardized programs.
  8. Monitor all programs’ effectiveness and ensure on-going process improvements.
  9. Develop and manage annual budgets for the academy utilizing input from the executive team and management.
  10. Work closely with senior management and sister companies to assess business needs and design the overall training strategy to build sustainable skills and capabilities.
  11. Plan and deliver skills-based training specifically designed for various target-groups (audience) via both classroom and online media.
  12. Ensure that trainings curriculums are relevant and impactful to the demand of the target-groups.
  13. Develop quality online trading trainingsfor contributing to the profile and reputation of the Academy.
  14. Ensure that the required trainings at various levels are identified, delivered and monitored.
  15. Establish close relationships with management teams, leading to appropriate local training plans and cost-effective delivery.

Other job-related tasks as assigned by the management.

  • Bachelor degree in Business, Behavioural Science or related field, Master degree will be preferred.
  • Proven 5-7years experiences trainer inonline forex trade where 3 years at managerial level.
  • Fluent in English language.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to adapt to fast paced environment and work well under pressure.
  • Basic knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum and training design, teaching and instruction for individuals and groups, and the measurement of training effects.
  • Excellent training facilitation and presentation skills.
  • Outstanding analytical skills with the ability to collect, compile and analyse data.
  • Being flexible regarding working hours.
  • Disciplined, professional and hard-worker.

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Chief Internal Auditor

Location : Afghanistan

Industry : Banking

Salary : Max 6500 USD Per Month

To draw Audit Plan at the beginning of each year and to get it approved from the Audit Committee.

  1. Overall supervision of the Audit Division and planning the visits of various subordinates or himself to Branches for Audit/Inspection and ensuring that Audits are conducted in a prudent and professional manner.
  1. To brief and guide the audit team about working of a particular branch and the areas for their particular attention during the course of audit.
  2. To conduct one comprehensive audit and two surprise inspections of each branch and each including review of different divisions of Head Office as per approved plan.
  3. To ensure that Branches are following the HO and Regulatory instructions conveyed to them from time to time and 2 GB Audit Department Staff
  4. To review the reports upon submission by the auditors and to point out weaknesses in the audit reports if any.
  5. Categorization of audit objections as High, Medium and Low risk.
  6. To obtain agreement or disagreement of the Branch Managers and Head of HO Departments on the points raised in the Audit Reports about their Branches/Departments.
  7. Dispatch of Audit Reports and list of serious irregularities to the concerned branches with a copy to the management along with observations and specific recommendations in the light of audit reports.
  1. To inform Board of Supervisory about the observations in the Audit Reports along with responses from the Bank Management about time frame within which the irregularities are to be rectified.
  2. Pre-audit of expenses/proposals sent by H.O.
  3. Reporting of fraud cases to the Central 3 GB Audit Department Bank as required.
  4. To get conducted special inquiry into various cases that surface at the branches and to report to the concerned quarters at H.O level.
  5. To visit various branches at random to inspect their working and follow up of Audit Reports.
  6. Arrange Training for staff and acknowledge them about whole jobs function as CIA.
  7. Department Heads are not permitted to accomplish changes or perform a task which is excluded his daily activities that could embrace a minimum possibility of risk percentage to the bank in this case department heads must take approval of Chief Executive Officer or related committee.
  1. To attend to any other matter that may not have been mentioned in this document but advised by BOS.

Qualification and Experience

1    Professional Audit certification is highly desirable.

  • Professional certification, such as CIA/CBA/CPA/CISA/CFE/ACCA is desirable.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in accounting, finance, business administration or other business related field Experience

2     Experience auditing operating systems, databases, networks, and other technological areas.

  • Have senior audit director experience and qualified with a solid track record of delivering quality audit services within a audit firm.
  • 7-10 years of progressively responsible experience in public accounting firm or in internal audit at a financial institution.”

Knowledge, Skills, and abilities

3              In depth knowledge of financial and operations audit.

4              Strong knowledge of standard audit practices and ability to apply them.

5              Ability to develop a comprehensive internal audit program for a bank.

6              Excellent analytical skills and attention to details.

7              Extensive knowledge of financial institution policies and procedures.

8              Good risk management skills and experience.

9              Must have a thorough understanding of the Afghan banking law and regulations.

10           Excellent oral and written communication skills

11           Have high ethical standards and integrity in both their personal and professional dealings.

12           Proficiency in spoken and written English.

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Chief Risk Officer , Banking

We are looking for Chief Risk officer for our client ,a commercial bank in Afghanistan ,If you are interested please contact us
Please find the Job Description below . The Salary ranges from 4000 USD to 6000 USD depends upon the experience .
Directly reporting to CEO.
Nationality : First Preference Indian but rest we can consider


The Chief Risk Officer will be expected to build a risk monitoring systems complying
with Basel I & Basel II requirements for assess, review and mitigating of risk factors.
Contribute to the strategic direction of the Bank through the development and
implementation of Risk Management strategies, policies and procedures in support of
the Bank s business goals.
The CRO manages and develops a comprehensive process for assessing, identifying
and reducing pertinent business risks that could interfere with the bank objectives
and goals with Basel I and Basel II requirements. It is the CRO responsibility to
ensure that the bank is in substantial compliance with its operating policies and
procedures and any external legal, regulatory or contractual requirements.

Key Responsibilities

The position is involved with Credit, Market, Operational and Liquidity risks in the
Bank while the main focus shall be on Credit Risk, with the following responsibilities:
1. Credit Policies & Procedures
a. Establishing of Credit Rating system for the Bank.
b. Draft and develop Credit Risk Management policy for the Bank Credit Dept
and review/update it from time to time for complying with the
local/international banking law and regulations.
c. Develop Risk Management policy for the bank concerned sections.
d. Acquisition or development of decision support tools for commercial and retail
e. Propose and promote a common risk culture and awareness to be accepted
throughout the bank, in particular by the Bank s Risk, Credit and Operation
f. Set up of procedure and guidelines for the establishing of credit committee,
ALCO committee, individual accountability and majority voting etc.
g. Set objectives for measuring, monitoring, evaluating and mitigating the risk
exposure of the bank and ensure that they are reported in a timely manner to
regulatory entities and the management of the Bank.
h. Supervising the Risk Management department in delivering high quality and
professional service to the Bank and the clients in the field of risk
i. Recommend and maintain proper approval processes for all transaction types
to ensure proper risk control.
j. Determine the capital requirements and provisions for each of the Bank s
products and activities to ensure sufficient provision on the book at all time.
2. Risk Asset Review
a. Review of individual credit risk in accordance with the established Credit Rating
System and Credit quality assessment.
b. Ensure that the Bank s risks are properly addressed in terms of compliance
with existing rules and regulations established by internal, local and
international regulators.
c. Ensure that classified loans are reported and properly administered in the
system of the Bank.
3. Portfolio Management
a. Establish procedure and execute Profitability and Risk analysis for the Bank
b. Develop predictive dynamic monitoring procedures/system for Risk
Management Department.
c. Responsible for contacts with external authorities, locally and abroad, for Risk
Management matters and for meetings with management of banks and other
related companies, in order to obtain the most updated risk management
d. Coordinate with other departments of the bank, such as Credit, IT,
Operations, Finance/Accounting, Treasury, Legal, Compliance, in order to
create an efficient and effective communication via the functional lines.
4. Other job-related tasks as assigned by the management.
Roles reporting to the position
All employees working in the Risk Management Department.
Job Requirements
Master degree in Banking or financial field.
Having 10-17 years progressive experience in the Risk Management field with
more than four years at supervisory & management level in a mid- or large
size commercial bank or financial institution.
Experience must include hands-on responsibility for the full scope of Risk
Management activities, both operations and analysis.
Fully functional in monitoring of documentation, portfolios & exposure limits of
the bank.
Considerable knowledge of modern regulations and practices related to Risk
Management including Basel I & Basel II.
Knowledge and understanding of Afghan Central Bank s and other regulator
authorities directives in relation to Risk Management field.
Demonstrated proficiency with Risk Management practices including
policy/procedure development.
Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
Ability to prepare and analyze comprehensive reports as and when required.
Excellent communication, organizational and managerial skills.
Having high ethical standards and integrity in both personal and professional
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SMP (Steel Mechanical & Piping) Supervisor , Abu Dhabi

Nationality : Indian

Salalry : 17000 AED Maximim including Accommodation and Food

SMP (Steel Mechanical & Piping) Supervisor – Urgently required for an Alumina refinery project in UAE. The candidate should have a Degree or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or related with 10 to 12’ years’ with experience on field activities related to commissioning of Steel, Mechanical and Piping materials.
Requirements:  Candidate requires significant experience in all areas of SMP construction activities.  Construction experience is required for high density piping and structural steel installation, with limited free area. Large vessels supported at height required heavy rigging practice knowledge.  Also required is to be competent with weld techniques and practices, including the supervision of Contractor(s) undertaking preheat and post weld heat treatment activities.  Mechanical experience with pump installation, including specialty large positive displacement pumps for bauxite slurry transfer.  Included in mechanical items are condensate pots, flash accumulators and tanks, blow off vessels, and various appurtenances across the sub areas of the Digestion scope – namely Jacketed Pipe Units (JPUs), Flash Area, Slurry Discharge Area.  Other requirements are:  Comply with the Site Safety rules and standard work practices and continually promote Safety on the Site in a proactive manner. Use the company Standard Work Practice Procedures, Core Process Work Practices and Project Specific work practices.  Monitor and support the Construction activities paying attention to Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, Cost and Schedule. Review and comprehend documents and manuals that incorporate these key areas.  Be part of the Team and ethical at all times to all peers, subcontractors, vendors, team members, community personnel, Client, Operations Personnel, Supervisors and Management.  Before assigning work, recognize hazards and communicate expectations of your reports to mitigate or remove hazards.
Principal responsibilities:
The key activities are to:  Responsible for the overview of contractor performance for allocated areas of responsibility. This will involve planning and installation of digestion area Structural steel, Piping, and Mechanical equipment (SMP). Inclusive is the management of any testing in accordance with drawings and specification and Project Standards and coordination of the works.  Take responsibility for your facilities and be the Owner and full knowledge of the area at all times. Understand and communicate in advance Scope of Work in detail for each Craft Supervisor  Work with your Superintendent and coordinate daily to ensure performance and quality.  Coordinate with other team members for installation of the works and other contractors continuously.  Meet or beat weekly quantities to be installed to support Project schedule in a safe methodical manner.
 Identify materials, tools, labour, and equipment which may be required to Project milestones and Schedules and check that the Contractor has adequate resources to suit.  Complete punchlist items in a timely manner in accordance with project standards to meet turnover dates in a safe methodical manner. Maybe responsible for coordination of other disciplines and team members to close punchlist items, this may include liaising with Start Up groups and others and organizing and facilitating meetings.  Accept change on the project and be methodical in your work arounds to support the project. This may involve supporting other team members scope but use your resources and energy to support the Project. You may be required to carry out tasks not necessarily your daily routine but required to support the project  Coordinate between Dayshift and Nightshift in an efficient manner as required  Generate Daily Reports in detail and file for history per the companies format. Concentrate on facts, weather conditions, team locations on tasks and equipment locations and conversations.  The delivery of materials and equipment are a logistical task. Monitor schedule and ensure materials and equipment are supplied on time. In the event that deliverables are late, be proactive and optimistic with a work around as not to affect the Construction Schedule. Resolve interface work related issues in the field between work groups to ensure safety and schedule is maintained.  Understand the Scope of Work with reference to your work packs and areas of responsibility. Understand and plan to install quantities per the schedule.  Ensure the utilisation of equipment is maintained and coordinate all pool equipment best for project, this may require sharing of equipment and coordination with other work groups.  Back charges to vendors will need timesheets and records completed daily and signed off ensure contractors have these completed in full and timely.  Attend and conduct all meetings as required including but not limited to: Interface, 3 Week lookahead, Coordination site meetings in facility’s.  Understand specifications and drawings and be able to check compliance in the field in relation to quality and vendor installation manuals.  Converse with all disciplines and work groups including Engineering, Contracts, Employee Relations, Project Controls and supervisors to resolve matters in the field and to work to the Project Plan.  Ensure the team members execute the work in a safe and most effective least cost manner. Offer other ways of carrying out tasks without unduly affecting the morale of the team members, keep the teams motivated.  Discuss the jobs/task with the Contractor’s work teams during your day to day routine, review Work Method Statements, JSA’s Start Cards etc on a daily basis as required by the Project  “Lead by Example”, if you do not do it, do not expect others to do it.  Carry out performance reviews of your team members as required, provide timely feedback on their performance both positive and negative.  Have a “Coaching and Mentoring” approach to people’s shortfalls in their ability or skills. Encourage other people to excel.  Communicate openly and honestly at all times, if something is wrong communicate early so the project can adjust or mitigate delays and cost.  Understand and monitor the QURR (Quantity Unit Rate Report) to track Performance Forecast (PF) to determine any issues such as overrun/underrun in a facility or Unit. Keep your supervisor advised of any trends.  Support your Supervisor and your Supervisor’s Managers on a day to day routine.
 Understand the Site Agreement and conditions that team members as signed up for on the Project, with the support of the Employee Relations team as required ensure team members outside these conditions are managed and or counselled with the site guidelines and performance management is carried out on the team members with the support of the Employee Relations Team.  Participate in Reward and Recognition events to be held during the course of the project, support this in the field and participate in these events;  Supervisors will monitor timekeeping for their team members and address any issues immediately with the Contractor.  Ensure that Scope Changes, rework is identified and recorded for costs Up and Down in accordance with Project procedures and guidelines and that no additional work is carried out unless a Trend is approved or unless approved with Budget allocated by Project Controls. A Variation Order Request (VOR) approved by the Client is required to be given to the Contractor before work may proceed.  Your time is to be managed to allow you to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines and be punctual at all times.  Use the company Electronic tools to carry out your scope, to track quantities, hours and statistics.  Attend training sessions as required and ensure your team members attend training as planned, Confined Space, Work at Heights, etc.

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Chief Operating Officer / IT Head , Banking

Job Description
Role Title Chief Operating Officer Division Management
Reporting to Chief Executive Officer Location Head Office, Kabul



The Chief Operating Officer plans, organizes, and controls all the day-to-day activities of the Bank; collaborates with the Chief Executive Officer in the overall administration of the Bank. Responsible for the management of Bank operation to ensure maximum profits commensurate with the best interest of shareholders, customers, employees, and the public and assists in attaining established Bank operational and financial goals.


Key Responsibilities

1.    Voting member of the Board of Management of the Bank after obtaining the required approvals.

2.    Day-to-day management activities by essentially ensuring the effective implementation of key decisions, coherence and coordination across the Bank.

3.    Ensure that the company’s IT systems and operational infrastructure support smooth execution of day-to-day operations.

4.    Ensure operational compliance with Bank and DAB policies and procedures.

5.    Manage all operations including system operation, data entry, end user customer service, finance/administration, and IT infrastructure management.

6.    Oversee product development, project management/client services, marketing operations, database management and reporting.

7.    Ensure proper physical and digital security of the bank’s staff, premises, CIT and properties.

8.    Establish and ensure a high level of customer relations and service in the bank.

9.    Develop and regularly up-date operational manual/procedures for all key processes, including operational process, cash management and data input/maintenance.

10. Resource assessments/allocations to ensure sufficient technical and operational resources to meet bank’s requirements.

11. Co-manage short-, mid-, and longer-term development projects in the bank.

12. Oversee acquisition, maintenance and management of bank properties and assets.

13. Enhance the performance management, training and development process in consultation with HR department.

14. Set performance targets for direct reports, monitor performance and provide feedback to further development.

15. Supervise cash management function through the entire bank.

16. Reports to the Afghan Central Bank on regulatory reporting requirements.

17. Manage and mitigate different aspects of risk involved in operational processes/procedures.

18. Responsible for setting operational strategy for making the bank ahead of competitors in the market.

19. Represent the bank from operational perspective in various meetings/seminars.

20. Other job-related duties as assigned by the Management.


Roles reporting to the position

– All concerned department through the Head of departments.


Goals to be achieved in the first 3 month of performing the role

1.    Develop and establish operation manual and policies.

2.    Lead and coordinate the internal operational activities.

3.    Achieve budgeted results and other financial criteria.

4.    Develop the systems and procedures for procurement in GS dept.

5.    Monitor all income and expenses of the bank.

6.    Resolve the OBIEE reporting problems.

7.    Resolve the pending CBS issues in different departments.

8.    Streamline the CCTV department.

9.    Establish effective branch management system.

10. Improve the working environment in the bank.

11. Proper and effective payment/settlement system & procedures in the bank.


Job Requirements

·         At least Master degree, preferably in Finance or Management field.

·         7-10 years related experience in a banking/financial institution and at least 5 years at senior managerial level (COO position).

·         Working knowledge of bank IT, policies, procedures and best practices.

·         Ability to design and implement innovative steps for operational efficiency.

·         Good knowledge of bank operational requirements with regard to the administration, staff management, compliance, risk, finance and legal functions of the bank.

·         Possess strong financial and analytic skills

·         Understanding of Afghan banking law and regulations.

·         Excellent communication and management skills

·         Good skill in computer literacy.

·         Proper judgement skill in resolving issues.

·         Being professional, disciplined and transparent.


Director/ ED/ MD- Asset Management, Singapore

Client – International leader in Private Banking that delivers the highest quality advice, service and capabilities to High Net Worth individuals and families around the world, and is looking to continue its growth throughout Asia.


REQUIREMENT – • Proven Track record in Private Banking of at least 7 years, working with High Net Worth individuals and families • Experience or demonstrated understanding of investments, asset allocation on structured portfolios, managed portfolios, brokerage accounts, portfolio reviews, deposit and loan solutions.

Must have a strong book of MENA clients, High Net worth/ Ultra-high Net worth with the market of Middle East / North Africa.

Client – International Private Bank

My client is an International leader in Private Banking that delivers the highest quality advice, service and capabilities to High Net Worth individuals and families around the world, and is looking to continue its growth throughout Asia.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

• Acquisition of qualified HNW clients in key markets in APAC

  • The Client Advisor will be responsible for prospecting and acquiring new clients and new assets from new and existing clients.
  • Manage each account to ensure that the client has a completed profile and that accounts are properly maintained and serviced
  • Ensure that the proposed products and services maximize the clients’ needs, goals and objectives
  • Comply with all policies and procedures in relation to Client Due Diligence, Credit Risk Management, Client Investment Suitability,


    • Proven Track record in Private Banking of at least 7 years, working with High Net Worth individuals and families

  • Experience or demonstrated understanding of investments, asset allocation on structured portfolios, managed portfolios, brokerage accounts, portfolio reviews, deposit and loan solutions

Base salary – SGD250 – 350k depending on experience – variable varies from bank to bank but is usually at least +30-50% on top of base salary if targets met bank and team performances etc

 Experience – 7-30 years

Singapore and Hong Kong are usually both OK for sourcing.

Ideally currently based in Singapore


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Group Head of KYC, Compliance & Financial Crime


Client – International Bank REQUIREMENT – • At least 8 years’ experience in managing operations teams in banking • Experience in KYC, KYC technology and KYC related to High Net Worth Individuals. • Demonstrated experience in coaching and developing people • Demonstrated experience in process improvement • Demonstrated relationship management capability •

Must have current experience of KYC for Private Banking sector. The Head of KYC can come from anywhere in Asia or even Europe, providing they currently have extensive Asian coverage


  • Ensure processes and procedures are in place for the management and development of Group’s KYC policy especially in wealth management
  • Make sure appropriately skilled resources are in place
  • Assure metrics are in place to measure functions performed by the surveillance teams and these metrics are continuously reviewed to assure operational performance and process integrity
  • Ensure a program to ensure surveillance resources are continuously informed of emerging KYC and financial crime trends such as AML, Fraud & Sanctions
  • Implement a continuous improvement program to ensure processes and procedures remain current and appropriate
  • Benchmark other operational teams to understand tools and processes used to support their business and adapt where appropriate
  • Guide and coach stakeholders teams to ensure they understand role and responsibilities, and ensure a standard onboarding program is robust
  • Provide guidance to stakeholders/projects on KYC need
  • Take a lead in working with Data scientists to develop and enhance automated initial KYC interfaces


  • Degree from a recognized university
  • At least 8 years’ experience in managing operations teams in banking
  • Experience in KYC, KYC technology and KYC related to High Net Worth Individuals.
  • Demonstrated experience in coaching and developing people
  • Demonstrated experience in process improvement
  • Demonstrated relationship management capability
  • Demonstrated Strong stakeholder management skills


Salary – Base SGD300k-400k

Experience – 10 – 30 years

Must have current experience of KYC for Private Banking sector.

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