VP – Product Development- Encinitas , California

GC and US citizens ONLY
ONLY medical and Biotech industry.
Work Location :California USA
Annual Salary :USD 140k


Overview: Lead the research, development, testing, production, and ongoing version iteration of the entire product suite for hacker Collective.

  • Research and development, market research,literature review, development of databases of studies, testing and consumertryouts, 1-90 day studies (in house and clinical research organizations)
  • More focused on citizen science than clinicalstudies
  • Product safety and regulatory compliance ?provide up-to-date safety research and information to customers
  • Regulatory filings
  • Shape company strategy
  • Member of Executive team
  • Manufacturing of products and quality procedures
  • Represent company externally ? customers, press,tradeshows,
  • Potential for paying for some relocation
  • What type of companies would you like to seetalent from?
    • Life Extension, Bullet Proof, and other nootropics or health supplement companies

Roles & Responsibilities


Manage the productstrategy and roadmap. This includes creating and executing on yearly andquarterly product roadmaps that prioritize our development resources towardsthe company?s long range product suite goals. This includes managing thebudget, team, and deliverables related to product development.

Oversee researchand development. This includes market research, ingredient research,literature review, hypothesis creation, scientific database development,formulation, internal testing and iteration, safety data, legal compliance,expert engagement, etc.

Overseetesting and trials. This includes managing CRO relationships for clinicaltrials, designing and overseeing internal product testing and iteration, anddeveloping and managing a citizen science portal to engage our community insharing relevant data and analyzing that to inform product development.

Ensure productsafety and regulatory compliance. This includes maintaining a detaileddatabase of all ingredients, literature review for each on safety, compliancereview (for different countries), stay abreast of the changing regulatorylandscape and find alternatives when regulations change, oversee creation ofsafety data sheets, and prepare NDI and GRAS filings as needed.

Help oversee productmanufacturing. Work with the director of manufacturing to ensure qualitycontrol standards across the manufacturing process, from ingredient sources,purity and potency testing, manufacturing process, NSF/GMP and other relevantcertifications, shelf life assessment, development of internal quality controlstandards and processes, etc.

Participate in shaping company strategy. Work with the executive team to interface productdevelopment with sales/marketing/brand, operations, finances, legal, etc.towards the fulfillment of the company?s mission. This includes working withmarketing on the branding and messaging for products, health claims, intendedaudiences, etc.

Manage ongoing market research. This includes staying abreast of new products inour space, new ingredients, technologies, studies, companies, trends,regulations, etc.

Represent thecompany as needed on topics regarding our products. This includescommunications with regulatory agencies, the press, customers, etc.



Branded products in the Qualia line: direct to consumerproducts related to psycho  wellbeing: sleep, calmness, pain, focus, etc.
Branded products in a general well-being line:microbiomics, inflammation, life extension, cell health, etc.
B2C formulation for other companies.
Branded line of products for integrative doctors formore specific therapeutic use.
Developing different delivery mechanisms

? Other:

Info products that support well being related to ourphysical products
IT: quantified self app to support our community intheir own personalized optimization, and to provide us relevant bioinformaticsfor product development, supporting claims, etc.
Curating non-ingestible technology based onliterature review

Product DevelopmentApproach:

Only creating products thatare category defining.
Complex formulations:addressing complete physiological pathways and interactions across multiplepathways. Working to support endogenous regulation rather than override it.Designing for positive synergies.
Immediate and long termbenefit. Safety and efficacy.
Highest qualityingredients, factoring form, purity, delivery, etc.
Working towards optimalnutrient delivery.
Research supportedapproach. Scientific integrity.
Staying at the cutting edgeof the fields. Versioning with meaningful new developments.
Every part of productdevelopment matters: sourcing, inactive ingredients, manufacturing process,level of research, claims, storage, etc.

Success Criteria:

Develop new products and versions that meet safety,efficacy, uniqueness and customer satisfaction objectives.
Meet agreed-upon timelines and annual objectives for number of new product launches.

Minimum Qualifications


At least five years of experience of research andproduct formulation in the wellness industry.

At least eight years of progressively responsibleexperience of product development.
Experience of clinical trial project management.
Master?s degree of higher (or equivalent relevantstudy).
Passion for these topics and this type of work.


Strategic planning and prioritization skills.
Strong analytical and logical reasoning skills.
Project management skills.
Team leadership abilities.

Attention to details.

Able to thrive ina fast-changing company.
Biosciences and well-being expertise.


Reports to: The COO directly; indirectly to theFounder who developed the product and science philosophy.
Works with: Executive team primarily, any teammember as needed (specifically manufacturing, marketing, and legal).
Manages: R&D, formulation, testing, and manufacturing teams. This includes employees, contractors, and advisors.

Wanted Neurologist, Gastroenterologist and Cosmetologist for OMAN

For Specialist Category :
Education : MD, DM(Gastro). We are not looking for Surgical Gastroenterologist. Their scope of service should be Diagnostic and Therapeutic.
Min. Experience : 3- 4 years after post graduation.
Should be well versed in Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP ,GI studies .. Most important is Endoscopy & GI procedures. Added advantage can be competency in Polypectomy, stent placements, Variceal ligation ….
Min. Experience : 3- 4 years after post graduation.
Education :MD,  For a dermatologist, diploma is mandatory. It will be like D.V.L..
Skill : They should be well versed in Botox, Fillers, Laser, microdermabrasion etc..
Min. Experience : 3- 4 years after post graduation.
Education : MD, DM (Neuro)
Approximate Package that can be offered :
Fixed Salary : 3500 rials to 4000 plus we shall work out an attractive incentive package.
Housing : 2 BHK semifurnished accommodation shall be provided at free of cost.
Annual leave : 30 days paid vacation per year .
Medical facilities as per hospital policy.
Family status as long as the wife is under our Visa.
For Consultant Category :
Experience : MIn 12 yrs in Each Category
Education : MD, DM and preferably western degrees like MRCP/ FRCP.
Experience : 12 years
Research Publications are must and Log book must be maintained.
Min. Experience : 12 years after post graduation.
Education :MD,  For a dermatologist, diploma is mandatory. It will be like D.V.L..
Skill : They should be well versed in Botox, Fillers, Laser, microdermabrasion etc..
Salary : Ro. 4500 to 4800 /- plus incentives and all other terms as above.
Most important , they must be practicing DM in Gastro.. MD can be even in Internal Medicine and experience can be accounted from there upon. But at present they must be practicing in the field of Gastro.
Please feel free to get in touch with me for any further clarifications. 7550020558
or share your resume with documents to lionsahoo@gmail.com