E&I Testing Engineer

The E&I Testing  Engineer  reports to the Area  Lead Testing  Engineer  and will work closely  with other  PCS Testing  Engineers   plus at times  Electrical  and Mechanical  Testing  Engineers.   E&I  Testing  Engineer  will  supervise the  E&I  Craft  for  E&I  activities.   E&I  Testing   Engineer   will  provide  E&J  technical   support   to specialist   activities   (detailed below),   and  system  engineering   of  specialist   systems  by  intermittently   working   within  the  teams  of the  Pre-Commissioning Leads  and the Commissioning   Leads, if required.





  • Bachelor  of Science  degree  in Engineering  or 8-10  years equivalent  work experience

Primary   Skills:

  • Knowledge & experience  ofE&I   systems,  preferably  with M&M refinery  equipment  and Rio Tinto  Alcan technology.
  • Knowledge  & experience  of PCS systems,  preferably  with the Honeywell  one.
  • Knowledge of E&I requirements   for completion  of construction  and testing  of Compressors,   Process  Pumps  and Fans, together  with  PCS.
  • Knowledge  of instrumentation   installation,  calibration,   loop checking  and pre-commissioning    procedures.
  • Knowledge  & experience  of testing,  pre-commissioning    & turnover  practices.
  • Knowledge  of process electrical  isolation  to perform  safe PCS and E&I tasks.
  • Knowledge  & experience  in PTW,  STARRT,  JHA,  LOTO procedures  & practices.
  • Leadership  skills  & able to supervise  craft for testing,  and pre-commissioning    activity.
  • Computer skills  including  experience   with MS Excel  & MS Word,  SetRoute,  Teamworks,   and Infoworks  in the execution  of work assignments.
  • Knowledge  of and prior experience   in using  Bechtel’s  SWPPs  and STCPs to govern  work activities.

Communication    Skills:

  • Good oral and written communications   skills.
  • Must be able to effectively  interface  with others.
  • Must handle  people  and issues  with a professional   demeanor


The  Bechtel  Petrofac  Joint Venture  has been  selected  to provide  Engineering,   Procurement  and Construction   Management services  to deliver a 2 M tons per year  Alumina  Refinery  in Abu Dhabi’s   Khalifa  Industrial  Zone.


The Alumina  refinery  major  process  units include:

  • Bauxite  unloading
  • Bauxite  crushing
  • Bauxite  storage
  • Bauxite  grinding
  • Digestion
  • Clarification
  • Mud washing  & filtration
  • Heat interchange
  • Evaporation
  • Precipitation
  • Hydrate  classification
  • Seed and product  filtration
  • Calcination  and alumina  handling


Also, offices,  control room, switch-rooms,   laboratory,  change  house and a canteen  will service  the refinery,  along with associated utilities  including  electrical  power  distribution,   distributed  control  system,  sea water,  process and potable  water distribution   and sewage  treatment.

A bauxite  residue  storage  area (BRSA),  will be located  approximately   35 km, south  east, from the Alumina  Refinery  in Area B





  • Support pre-commissioning    team activities  associated  to the E&I, this may  involve  schematic  checks,  loop checking,  logic inspection,  verify alannlset  points,  establish  datalinks  to foreign  devices (via  fieldbus,  programmable   logic solver  and independent  processors),   walk downs.
  • Execute specific  specialist  pre- commissioning   activities  associated  to PCS,  PIMS and SCMS  (in coordination   with system  engineers-  Both Redside  and Whiteside)  such as establishing   PCS detailed  interfaces  with other plant automation systems  such as third party  PLCs.
  • Leads and owns  the Controls  Systems  respectively  as a System  Engineer,  driving  completion.
  •  Apply E&I, pes and general  procedures.
  • Applies management  of change  process  to the pre-commissioning    PCS and E&I  activities.  This  includes  design  changes, changes  to scoped  drawings,  produces  NCRs/RFls/FCDs,    redIines,  and associated  rework and retesting  coordination.
  • Lead craft supervision for a wide  range ofPCS   and E&I equipment,   schematic  and loop checks,  system  testing  & pre- commissioning   activities.
  • Update scoped  drawings  and databases;  whilst  coordinating   with the Completions   Department  Turnover  Coordinator.   This includes  input of any required  changes  into TEAMWorks   and  SetRoute.
  • Applies  PCS and E&I testing  documentation   and procedures   and supports  management   of change,  updating  and tracking

(working  in conjunction   with the specific  document  owners).

  • Identifies  pes and  E&I technical  issues and raises  queries  to the Lead  pes Testing  Engineer.
  • Work with subcontractors,   supplier  representatives   & other discipline  teams to ensure  proper  documentation   of testing.
  • Supports  LOTO activities  during  work preparation,   and confirms   100% compliance   of craft sign on/off.
  • Supports  the Lead PCS Testing  Engineer  with component   information   for E&I Field Material  Requisitions



SMP (Steel Mechanical & Piping) Supervisor , Abu Dhabi

Nationality : Indian

Salalry : 17000 AED Maximim including Accommodation and Food

SMP (Steel Mechanical & Piping) Supervisor – Urgently required for an Alumina refinery project in UAE. The candidate should have a Degree or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or related with 10 to 12’ years’ with experience on field activities related to commissioning of Steel, Mechanical and Piping materials.
Requirements:  Candidate requires significant experience in all areas of SMP construction activities.  Construction experience is required for high density piping and structural steel installation, with limited free area. Large vessels supported at height required heavy rigging practice knowledge.  Also required is to be competent with weld techniques and practices, including the supervision of Contractor(s) undertaking preheat and post weld heat treatment activities.  Mechanical experience with pump installation, including specialty large positive displacement pumps for bauxite slurry transfer.  Included in mechanical items are condensate pots, flash accumulators and tanks, blow off vessels, and various appurtenances across the sub areas of the Digestion scope – namely Jacketed Pipe Units (JPUs), Flash Area, Slurry Discharge Area.  Other requirements are:  Comply with the Site Safety rules and standard work practices and continually promote Safety on the Site in a proactive manner. Use the company Standard Work Practice Procedures, Core Process Work Practices and Project Specific work practices.  Monitor and support the Construction activities paying attention to Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, Cost and Schedule. Review and comprehend documents and manuals that incorporate these key areas.  Be part of the Team and ethical at all times to all peers, subcontractors, vendors, team members, community personnel, Client, Operations Personnel, Supervisors and Management.  Before assigning work, recognize hazards and communicate expectations of your reports to mitigate or remove hazards.
Principal responsibilities:
The key activities are to:  Responsible for the overview of contractor performance for allocated areas of responsibility. This will involve planning and installation of digestion area Structural steel, Piping, and Mechanical equipment (SMP). Inclusive is the management of any testing in accordance with drawings and specification and Project Standards and coordination of the works.  Take responsibility for your facilities and be the Owner and full knowledge of the area at all times. Understand and communicate in advance Scope of Work in detail for each Craft Supervisor  Work with your Superintendent and coordinate daily to ensure performance and quality.  Coordinate with other team members for installation of the works and other contractors continuously.  Meet or beat weekly quantities to be installed to support Project schedule in a safe methodical manner.
 Identify materials, tools, labour, and equipment which may be required to Project milestones and Schedules and check that the Contractor has adequate resources to suit.  Complete punchlist items in a timely manner in accordance with project standards to meet turnover dates in a safe methodical manner. Maybe responsible for coordination of other disciplines and team members to close punchlist items, this may include liaising with Start Up groups and others and organizing and facilitating meetings.  Accept change on the project and be methodical in your work arounds to support the project. This may involve supporting other team members scope but use your resources and energy to support the Project. You may be required to carry out tasks not necessarily your daily routine but required to support the project  Coordinate between Dayshift and Nightshift in an efficient manner as required  Generate Daily Reports in detail and file for history per the companies format. Concentrate on facts, weather conditions, team locations on tasks and equipment locations and conversations.  The delivery of materials and equipment are a logistical task. Monitor schedule and ensure materials and equipment are supplied on time. In the event that deliverables are late, be proactive and optimistic with a work around as not to affect the Construction Schedule. Resolve interface work related issues in the field between work groups to ensure safety and schedule is maintained.  Understand the Scope of Work with reference to your work packs and areas of responsibility. Understand and plan to install quantities per the schedule.  Ensure the utilisation of equipment is maintained and coordinate all pool equipment best for project, this may require sharing of equipment and coordination with other work groups.  Back charges to vendors will need timesheets and records completed daily and signed off ensure contractors have these completed in full and timely.  Attend and conduct all meetings as required including but not limited to: Interface, 3 Week lookahead, Coordination site meetings in facility’s.  Understand specifications and drawings and be able to check compliance in the field in relation to quality and vendor installation manuals.  Converse with all disciplines and work groups including Engineering, Contracts, Employee Relations, Project Controls and supervisors to resolve matters in the field and to work to the Project Plan.  Ensure the team members execute the work in a safe and most effective least cost manner. Offer other ways of carrying out tasks without unduly affecting the morale of the team members, keep the teams motivated.  Discuss the jobs/task with the Contractor’s work teams during your day to day routine, review Work Method Statements, JSA’s Start Cards etc on a daily basis as required by the Project  “Lead by Example”, if you do not do it, do not expect others to do it.  Carry out performance reviews of your team members as required, provide timely feedback on their performance both positive and negative.  Have a “Coaching and Mentoring” approach to people’s shortfalls in their ability or skills. Encourage other people to excel.  Communicate openly and honestly at all times, if something is wrong communicate early so the project can adjust or mitigate delays and cost.  Understand and monitor the QURR (Quantity Unit Rate Report) to track Performance Forecast (PF) to determine any issues such as overrun/underrun in a facility or Unit. Keep your supervisor advised of any trends.  Support your Supervisor and your Supervisor’s Managers on a day to day routine.
 Understand the Site Agreement and conditions that team members as signed up for on the Project, with the support of the Employee Relations team as required ensure team members outside these conditions are managed and or counselled with the site guidelines and performance management is carried out on the team members with the support of the Employee Relations Team.  Participate in Reward and Recognition events to be held during the course of the project, support this in the field and participate in these events;  Supervisors will monitor timekeeping for their team members and address any issues immediately with the Contractor.  Ensure that Scope Changes, rework is identified and recorded for costs Up and Down in accordance with Project procedures and guidelines and that no additional work is carried out unless a Trend is approved or unless approved with Budget allocated by Project Controls. A Variation Order Request (VOR) approved by the Client is required to be given to the Contractor before work may proceed.  Your time is to be managed to allow you to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines and be punctual at all times.  Use the company Electronic tools to carry out your scope, to track quantities, hours and statistics.  Attend training sessions as required and ensure your team members attend training as planned, Confined Space, Work at Heights, etc.

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LOTO Advisor – Tag Authority

We are looking of LOTO Coordinators/ Advisors (Lockout Tagout) with strong experience in Electrical projects, the candidate should have a technical qualification in Electrical. Should have atleast 3 to 5 yrs experience in Gulf in huge construction projects, the salary will be AED 10,100 based on 48 hrs/week, the site currently operates 58 hrs, so there is OT as well, the project duration will be for one year, job description attached for your review

Urgently required for an Alumina refinery project in UAE. The candidate should have a Degree or Diploma in Electrical Engineering or related with 5 to 7 years’ experience in Lockout process / Tag Authority. The candidate shall be responsible for Issue, modify and close LOTO permits, review and approve the requisitions, understanding and agreeing the system or equipment to be completely isolated, that the work can be safely performed and protect both personnel and equipment.
Responsibilities:  Receive, verify and approve LOTO permits  Issue LOTO permit  Close LOTO permits  Issue tags and locks for personnel  Maintain control of locks and permits (open and closed) with log and report weekly  Ensures locks and tags are placed and removed from designated equipment and systems  Control and reporting LOTO permits  Ensures all protective measures identified on the permit are implemented prior to authorize start of the work  Ensure the equipment or system are in safe configuration after work is completed  Maintain locks records  Clarify questions related to the LOTO procedure when applicable  Validate LOTO permit after confirming with Primary Requestor and /or isolator officer that is no residual energy in the isolated equipment or system  Maintain list of Authorized Permit Requestor and only accept requisition from authorized personnel  Check the integrity of lock-out devices periodically and request to his supervisor replacement when required  When required do and audit of lock-out permit including field inspection  Will be required to interpret work scope of drawings, read P&IDs, electrical one lines, and other pertinent drawings, to concur with electrical and mechanical isolations of various types  Requires initiative to request technical support from Field Engineering, Construction or PreCommissioning to interpret drawings or confirm no residual energy before authorize start the work.

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Chief Operating Officer NGO

Opening for Chief Operating Officer for a leading NGO in Mumbai

Education : Master Degree

Experience : 10 to 15 yrs

The Candidate must able to speak Gujurati AND/or Marathi


Build capacity in the National teams – Fundraising, Human Resources, Communications, Technology, organizational Excellence, Impact and Strategy to be able to conduct rigorous performance reviews, unearth best practices and challenges across city and national teams, and design appropriate strategies and interventions that create and sustain organizational excellence and continuously improve overall performance
2. Understand the existing human resource management strategy and policies, review its alignment with organization’s  mission, culture and organization-wide performance requirements, and lead the design and implementation of required changes
3. Review the existing technology infrastructure, processes and reporting framework, and create and implement a vision of operational excellence and continuous improvement in technology across the organization
4. Review fundraising strategies, build strong relationships with existing donors, lead identification and cultivation of national and international corporate/individual donors, and ensure Organization For India raises the necessary funds in a timely manner
5. Manage and coach the functional heads of our Technology, Organizational Effectiveness, Human Resources, and Fundraising verticals and develop their individual and collective capabilities to lead their teams to successful outcomes
6. Lead the design and execution of long-term Organization Strategy, and Annual Operating Plans
7. Review Organization  definition and reporting of Impact internally and externally, and help the Senior Leadership Team constantly align operations to deepen and sustain impact
8. Work with the Senior Leadership Team to help create organization-wide strategies around growth, scale, sustainability, impact and long-term areas of focus
Values and Mindsets:

  • Deep belief in Organization  vision, mission, and core values
  • Belief in the power of collaboration and collective action
  • Growth mindset, with an underlying belief that one’s abilities and competencies can be developed through dedication, hard work and practice
  • Strong focus on building excellence and depth in this role

Abilities and Competencies:

  • Strategic and critical thinking skills so as to conceptualize multiple approaches to solving a problem and drawing out a clear roadmap with roles and responsibilities
  • Relationship-building and influencing skills so as to leverage people and relationships to outcomes
  • Communication skills so as to deliver compelling messages through oral and written medium to diverse stakeholders
  • People management skills so as to articulate a team vision and manage and coach individuals to consistently superior outcomes\
  • Operational management skills so as to set up systems and processes to allocate resources efficiently
  • Ability to be resourceful and entrepreneurial in the face of uncertainty

Knowledge and Technical Skills:

  • Understanding of Organization  short-term and long-term theory of change
  • Understanding of organization leadership development philosophy and framework
  • Proficiency in analyzing data and making inferences to drive strategies and decisions
  • Excellent project planning and project management skills

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Structural Engineers for Kuwait

  -Bachelors Degree in Civil or Structural Engineering   with 5 yrs exp in same field
-Excellent interpersonal skills
-Ability to work in a team environment
-Ability to lead a Civil/Structural Engineering and Design team
-Competent with codes and standards in IBC, AISC, ACI, NFPA and ASCE 7
-Competent with structural analysis programs: STADD Pro, STADD-Foundation, SAP2000, RISA 3D, RISA Foundation & Base, PCA Column/Slab/Wall/Frame, etc
-Professional or Charted Engineer preferred


Develop structural framing & foundations plot plan and detail
-Define structural loading & support scheme and strategy
-Perform structural framing, foundation and coordinate studies using STADD or similar programs
-Design structural framing and foundation for pipe/electrical rack, equipment and building
-Prepare Civil/Structural specifications and data sheets
-Prepare technical requisitions for pre-engineer building or modular structure
-Review and evaluate vendor technical proposals
-Review vendor drawings and documents
-Plan and coordinate activities on an assigned proposals and projects
-Supervise and check the work of junior engineers on the above tasks
-Mentor and coach junior engineers

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Electrical Engineers (Low Voltage & Power), Kuwait


Location : Kuwait

Experience : 10yrs in Oil & gas Sector

Job Purpose
• To prepare engineering drawings of projects based on design concepts from Electrical Design Engineer and lead a team of draftsmen.

Key Accountabilities / Responsibilities
• Designs all electrical systems including power, lighting, extra low voltage systems
• Prepares all systems details such as schematics, calculations, schedules and connections details.
• Co-ordinates for with other departments for all project stages including concept design, preliminary design, detail design and approval.
• Prepares full specifications for all power and extra low voltage systems.
• Follows-up with the updated requirements from departments for implementation.
• Participates in project discussions with departments
• Checks CAD drafting as and when required.
• Supervises a team of Electrical Draftsmen.
• Conducts sites visits and assessment, as required to execute design work.
• Keeps records and documents for projects handled.

Functional Relationships

• Works and confers with GM-PCS, Head-EMD, Electrical Design Engineer and other AEB departments to ensure design meet project requirements of projects.




Experience / Qualification
• Degree in Electrical Engineering
• MUST have knowledge and actual experience in using REVIT

Personal Attributes / Skills
Generic Competencies required / desired role:
• Accuracy
• Results oriented
• Detailed Orientation
• Communication Skills

Degree in Electrical Engineering
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Mechanical Engineer Anti Fire Works /Fire Safety Engineer , Kuwait

 Industry : Oil and Gas

Location : Kuwait

Type of Assignment : Contract

Status : Resident

Start Date : As Soon As Possible

Accommodation : Provided

Mob/demobilization : Can be provided

Languages : English

  • Scope : Assist in the development and implementation of policies and procedures for the Mechanical Department in order to ensure that work is carried out in a controlled and effective manner
  • Advise management on issues affecting the project in order to take necessary actions as required
  • Conduct primary technical reviews on assigned PC design deliverables related to Fire Protection mechanical equipment and systems, such as design and calculation documents, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s), Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s) , relevant technical specifications, and procurement and tendering packages to ensure compliance with PC requirements ,project schedule , as well as UAE laws and regulations
  • Monitor the PC as necessary to ensure expectations are met in the assigned aspects of Fire Protection mechanical systems and equipment during the design, construction, installation , and commissioning of BNPP
  • Review vendor documentations with respect to Fire Protection mechanical equipment and materials to ensure compliance with the PC requirements
  • Conduct primary technical reviews of PC and/or company processes and procedures in order to ensure approvals where relevant and to prepare technical reports on findings
  • Evaluate and advise on the Fire Protection mechanical related design changes and non-conformances to ensure fulfillment of requirements activities are performed in accordance with the engineering design requirements, project contract agreements, schedule , as well as Safety and Quality standards
  • Ensure the development of required documentation for the review process in order to include comments, recommendations, and corrective action plans for the PC as appropriate
  • Liaise with quality surveillance (QS) department, to ensure that the assigned FP mechanical equipment installation
  • Provide technical input and expertise to the PC and Sub-contractors/Sub-suppliers Fire Protection mechanical and project control-related deliverables as a functional team member in order to ensure applicable standards are maintained
  • Support the engineering , safety, planning , and quality surveillance discipline members in the tasks resolution process in order to expedite solutions to any issues arising
  • Facilitate communications both internally and externally in order to build and nurture mutually beneficial working relationships
  • Assist in the preparation of the BOP section budget
  • Follow all relevant company’s HSE policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure HSE compliance in all aspects of work in accordance with sound management practices by applying these HSE policies and procedures to self and others to take reasonable care for the health and safety of people, or the environment , who are at the employee’s place of work who may be affected by the employees acts or omissions at work

Essential Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or Fire Protection Engineering


  • Minimum 15 yrs of experience of relevant experience in Fire Protection Engineering
  • Experience in oil and gas or related industry operations in a mechanical engineering role


  • Knowledge of design techniques and tools in their disciplines
  • Ability to read technical drawings and virtual plant models
  • Skilled at using international codes and standards in engineering and design
  •  MS Office

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