Chief Executive Officer , NGO


Wanted Chief Executive Officer for a leading NGO in Mumbai, We are looking candidates with Similar Industry and Experience
Preference : Local Mumbai Candidate , linguistic skills in Marathi and/or Gujarati is a must

Roles of Chief Executive Officer
• Advises the Board
• Advocates / promotes organization and stakeholder change related to organization mission
• Supports motivation of employees in organization products/programs and operations
Visionary / Information Bearer
• Ensures staff and Board have sufficient and up-to-date information
• Looks to the future for change opportunities
• Interfaces between Board and employees
• Interfaces between organization and community
Decision Maker
• Formulates policies and planning recommendations to the Board
• Decides or guides courses of action in operations by staff
• Oversees operations of organization
• Implements plans
• Manages human resources of organization
• Manages financial and physical resources
Board Developer
• Assists in the selection and evaluation of board members
• Makes recommendations, supports Board during orientation and self-evaluation
• Supports Board’s evaluation of Chief Executive

1. Board Administration and Support
Supports operations and administration of Board by advising and informing Board members, interfacing between Board and staff, and supporting Board’s evaluation of chief executive
2. Program, Product and Service Delivery
Oversees design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of programs, and services
3. Financial, Tax, Risk and Facilities Management
Recommends yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manages organization’s resources within those budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations
4. Human Resource Management
Effectively manages the human resources of the organization according to authorized personnel policies and procedures that fully conform to current laws and regulations
5. Community and Public Relations
Assures the organization and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders
6. Fundraising (nonprofit-specific)
Oversees fundraising planning and implementation, including identifying resource requirements, researching funding sources, establishing strategies to approach funders, submitting proposals and administrating fundraising records and documentation

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Chief Executive Officer Banking

Wanted a Chief Executive Officer : Banking (Indian national Only)
Position: Chief Executive Officer
Nationality: Indian
Location: To be discussed
Industry: Banking
Education: MBA (Must)/Phd in Finance
Experience: Min 15 yrs of Banking Experience
Note ** We are looking Indian retired CEO /GM either from Indian Banking industry /having experience in International Banks can Apply

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for proper management, operation and development of the Bank as an organization and implementing and fulfilling the strategic goals and objectives of the Bank. Providing direction and leadership toward the achievement of the bank’s vision, mission, and strategies.

Key Responsibilities
1. Chairman of the Board of Management, Credit Committee, HR Committee and ALCO.
2. Responsible for the overall direction and administration of programs and services provided by the Bank and ensure developing an appropriate management structure within the bank.
3. In close co-ordination with the Chief Operating Officer (COO), the CEO is the end responsible person for the day to day operation of the bank.
4. Ensures that all aspects of the Bank’s activities are in compliance with internal policies, regulatory directives and international best practice.
5. Oversees banking operations, planning, policies and practices as well as a variety of other strategic objectives set forth by the Board of Supervisors.
6. Representing the bank and respond to the enquiries from the media, performs public relations for the bank at the highest level, granting interviews and speaking at conferences on behalf of the bank.
7. Deciding, monitoring and follow-up of budgets and other financial activities of the bank.
8. Responsible for making decisions regarding further expansions of the bank in consultation of the Board of Supervisors.
9. Decide about the operational, financial and administration policies and strategies for the bank according to the situation of the bank, the benchmark and the competitors and in consultation of the Board of Supervisors.
10. Set the goals and objectives for various departments as well as fix deadlines for the set goals.
11. Monitor the key functions of various departments to ensure that they are working efficiently and cost-effectively and in accordance to the applicable rules and regulations.
12. Initiates and maintains contacts with all relevant government institutions
13. Establishing adequate procedures for the management and mitigation of various risks in the bank, including taking care of regulatory and legal issues.
14. Responsible for establishing of an appropriate internal organization for the bank operation in line with the strategy including adequate administration, internal control and IT infrastructure.
15. Establishing and maintaining contingency plan for the bank.
16. Ensure confidentiality about the bank and its client’s information.
17. Ensure that the internal or external auditors, Committee can perform their own controls of bank operations in a satisfactory manner.
18. Propose and recommend proper external audit party to the Board of Supervisors for external auditing of the bank.
19. Reports to the Board of Supervisors, Shareholders and regulatory authorities as the highest ranking official of the Bank about ongoing activities of the bank, including:
Compliance with internal and regulatory rules and regulations
Organizational and operational changes, development, and improvements
Implementation of Bank annual and strategy plans
Management and measurement of risks
Internal control for efficiency and effectiveness
20. Any other job-related duties as assigned by the Board of Supervisors or Shareholders of the bank.

Roles reporting to the position
– Board of Management and other concerned departmental heads.

Job Requirements
• At least Master degree, preferably in, Business Administration, Finance or Management field.
• At least 10 years progressive management experience in banking, where 7 years on senior management or executive level.
• Excellent knowledge of banking industry, financial and accounting policies/practices and applicable laws and regulations.
• Exceptional leadership and supervisory skills.
• Excellent analysis, observation and decision making skills.
• Proper knowledge of market and businesses.
• Ability to define and articulate organization’s vision and to develop and implement strategies for achieving that vision.
• Possess high ethical standards and integrity in both personal and professional dealings.
• Excellent communication and computer literacy skills.
• Be able to exercise professional and objective judgement in resolving issues.
• Professional, disciplined and transparent.

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CEO (Infrastructure ) Power Project

CEO (Infrastructure ) Power Project

Location : Bhubaneswar  , Odisa

Job Description :
1. The person should have well experienced of project management & project implementation.
2. Responsible for obtaining all necessary permission & approval to be taken from Govt. authority, statutory, authorities for projects.
3. Obtain necessary clearance from various department of govt. whenever require.
4. To support engineering team in operations and provide input & necessary guidance to them.
5. Provide leadership to all team under control.
6. Time to time monitoring for work progress.
7. To check the stacking and storage of materials in various Warehouse and stores of the site with neatness.
8. To check and keep control on the wastage of material at site.
9. To coordinate areas of QC work with other departments work i.e. civil engineering process, etc.
10. To carry out Technical supervision/suggestions projects.
11. Responsible for Compilation of Bill of Quantity/Proof checking of Consultants BOQ/Terms for Lump sum tenders/Item rate tenders & BOT.
12. Analyze technical problems related to the field and provide optimum solutions
13. Explore various innovative emerging techniques for safe, speedy & cost effective methods for setting up of dairy plants & allied projects
14. Analyze time / resource and cost impacts of schedules crashing and decision / validate the requirements.
15. Analyze all critical paths analysis and other progress performance reports and review the gaps/ schedule over-runs and action plans.
16. Analyze resource and schedule impacts of changes in Cost Budgets and validate the requirements.
17. Analyze cost / schedule impacts of changes during all phases of the projects and review with project heads.

18. Ensure collation of project costs and revenues, prepare cash-flow and payment reports and detection of early warning signals for delays and overruns.
Desired Candidate Profile:
Skills& Experience
-> Candidate must have experience as B.E (Tech) with MBA (Finance) at least 12 to 20 years experience in Infrastructure Preferable power project.
-> Excellent interpersonal skill & communication skill.
-> Good Team building skills
-> Good logical and analytical skills, strong accounting skills and aptitude to work with numbers
-> Experience as well aware of governmental work ,Corporate work  or well associate with govt.
-> Person who had handle individually govt.   will given preference.
-> Ready to travel whenever required.

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Chief Executive Officer for a Leading Hotel In Mumbai


Qualification : Management Graduate with Hotel Degree

Location : Mumbai

Linguistic skills in Marathi and/or Gujarati is a must

Experience : 20 – 25 years of experience in the hotel industry

Job role :

Preeminent hospitality professional with proven ability to direct the operations of a leading hotel chain. Reports to the Chairman on the performance of General Manager, subordinate directors and operations managers. Participates in planning, developing and implementing the company’s policies and goals. Participates in selecting key personnel for the business. Promotes the company’s products and services in order to capture greater market share or to develop new markets, and obtain and/or maintain competitive position in industry. Assists in analyzing division or department budget requests to identify areas in which cost savings can be achieved. Directs changes in operating policy, procedures, programs or new directions. Directly involved in company’s overall business development i.e. branding and image building, upcoming projects supervision, quality assurance, training, marketing etc., requires an in-depth knowledge of the hotel business, of strategic planning, goal definition, and high volume sales and marketing techniques. Requires knowledge and understanding of core areas of the business to include finance, operations, business development and human resources.

Salary : Depends upon the Experience


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