E&I Testing Engineer

The E&I Testing  Engineer  reports to the Area  Lead Testing  Engineer  and will work closely  with other  PCS Testing  Engineers   plus at times  Electrical  and Mechanical  Testing  Engineers.   E&I  Testing  Engineer  will  supervise the  E&I  Craft  for  E&I  activities.   E&I  Testing   Engineer   will  provide  E&J  technical   support   to specialist   activities   (detailed below),   and  system  engineering   of  specialist   systems  by  intermittently   working   within  the  teams  of the  Pre-Commissioning Leads  and the Commissioning   Leads, if required.





  • Bachelor  of Science  degree  in Engineering  or 8-10  years equivalent  work experience

Primary   Skills:

  • Knowledge & experience  ofE&I   systems,  preferably  with M&M refinery  equipment  and Rio Tinto  Alcan technology.
  • Knowledge  & experience  of PCS systems,  preferably  with the Honeywell  one.
  • Knowledge of E&I requirements   for completion  of construction  and testing  of Compressors,   Process  Pumps  and Fans, together  with  PCS.
  • Knowledge  of instrumentation   installation,  calibration,   loop checking  and pre-commissioning    procedures.
  • Knowledge  & experience  of testing,  pre-commissioning    & turnover  practices.
  • Knowledge  of process electrical  isolation  to perform  safe PCS and E&I tasks.
  • Knowledge  & experience  in PTW,  STARRT,  JHA,  LOTO procedures  & practices.
  • Leadership  skills  & able to supervise  craft for testing,  and pre-commissioning    activity.
  • Computer skills  including  experience   with MS Excel  & MS Word,  SetRoute,  Teamworks,   and Infoworks  in the execution  of work assignments.
  • Knowledge  of and prior experience   in using  Bechtel’s  SWPPs  and STCPs to govern  work activities.

Communication    Skills:

  • Good oral and written communications   skills.
  • Must be able to effectively  interface  with others.
  • Must handle  people  and issues  with a professional   demeanor


The  Bechtel  Petrofac  Joint Venture  has been  selected  to provide  Engineering,   Procurement  and Construction   Management services  to deliver a 2 M tons per year  Alumina  Refinery  in Abu Dhabi’s   Khalifa  Industrial  Zone.


The Alumina  refinery  major  process  units include:

  • Bauxite  unloading
  • Bauxite  crushing
  • Bauxite  storage
  • Bauxite  grinding
  • Digestion
  • Clarification
  • Mud washing  & filtration
  • Heat interchange
  • Evaporation
  • Precipitation
  • Hydrate  classification
  • Seed and product  filtration
  • Calcination  and alumina  handling


Also, offices,  control room, switch-rooms,   laboratory,  change  house and a canteen  will service  the refinery,  along with associated utilities  including  electrical  power  distribution,   distributed  control  system,  sea water,  process and potable  water distribution   and sewage  treatment.

A bauxite  residue  storage  area (BRSA),  will be located  approximately   35 km, south  east, from the Alumina  Refinery  in Area B





  • Support pre-commissioning    team activities  associated  to the E&I, this may  involve  schematic  checks,  loop checking,  logic inspection,  verify alannlset  points,  establish  datalinks  to foreign  devices (via  fieldbus,  programmable   logic solver  and independent  processors),   walk downs.
  • Execute specific  specialist  pre- commissioning   activities  associated  to PCS,  PIMS and SCMS  (in coordination   with system  engineers-  Both Redside  and Whiteside)  such as establishing   PCS detailed  interfaces  with other plant automation systems  such as third party  PLCs.
  • Leads and owns  the Controls  Systems  respectively  as a System  Engineer,  driving  completion.
  •  Apply E&I, pes and general  procedures.
  • Applies management  of change  process  to the pre-commissioning    PCS and E&I  activities.  This  includes  design  changes, changes  to scoped  drawings,  produces  NCRs/RFls/FCDs,    redIines,  and associated  rework and retesting  coordination.
  • Lead craft supervision for a wide  range ofPCS   and E&I equipment,   schematic  and loop checks,  system  testing  & pre- commissioning   activities.
  • Update scoped  drawings  and databases;  whilst  coordinating   with the Completions   Department  Turnover  Coordinator.   This includes  input of any required  changes  into TEAMWorks   and  SetRoute.
  • Applies  PCS and E&I testing  documentation   and procedures   and supports  management   of change,  updating  and tracking

(working  in conjunction   with the specific  document  owners).

  • Identifies  pes and  E&I technical  issues and raises  queries  to the Lead  pes Testing  Engineer.
  • Work with subcontractors,   supplier  representatives   & other discipline  teams to ensure  proper  documentation   of testing.
  • Supports  LOTO activities  during  work preparation,   and confirms   100% compliance   of craft sign on/off.
  • Supports  the Lead PCS Testing  Engineer  with component   information   for E&I Field Material  Requisitions